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Summer League Swim 2024

Oconee Aquatics will host their own Summer League Swim team this year, the name of the team is Oconee Otters and the team will compete in the Oconee Summer Swim League.  

The season runs from the middle of May through June and is open to 5-18 year olds of all swim abilities.  Oconee Aquatics and the Otters provide a fun, family atmosphere while striving to create a love for the sport in each swimmer.  The team will be practicing and having meets in our heated indoor pool.

Swimming Laps


Member pricing

Members at Oconee Aquatics & Recreation that sign up their kid(s) to compete in the Oconee Otters will pay the following fees:

1st kid: $160

2nd kid: $145

3rd kid: $130

Non-Member pricing

Non-Members at Oconee Aquatics & Recreation that sign up their kid(s) to compete in the Oconee Otters will pay the following fees:

1st kid: $200

2nd kid: $180

3rd kid: $160

Whats included?

  • Season kick-off party, Meet the Coach(es)

  • Oconee Swim League fees, which include insurance

  • Coaches fees

  • Daily practice Monday-Friday, except of on the days of meets

  • Team cap

Practice Groups & Times

Swimming Lesson

Practices times Monday trough Friday 4:30pm - 8pm

Oconee Aquatics is hosting the Oconee Otters in the spacious and heated indoor pool at convenient times for all families.  Having the indoor pool at our disposal will guarantee practice even if the weather is bad.

Practice groups

  • 6 and under
  • 7-8
  • 9-10
  • 11-12
  • 13-14
  • 15 and above

Practice Times per group

  • 6 and under 4:30-5pm
  • 7-8 and 9-10; 5-6pm
  • 11-12 and 13-14; 6-7pm
  • 15 and above 7-8pm

Pre-Season Tune-Up

Oconee Otters will offer a Pre-Season Tune-Up for every swimmer interested on May 18th and 19th in our heated indoor pool


In this 2 day Tune-Up clinic we will brush up on different strokes/techniques and get the kids ready for the summer league season
The price per kid is $60

Swimming Trainer with Students

Meet Schedule

5/30/24 @ Georgia Club Little Dawgs

6/6/24 vs Reynolds Rapids

6/11/24 @ Oconee Club Stingrays
6/13/24 @ East Athens Sea Turtles

6/15/24 vs Shamrock Seals

6/20/24 @ Summer Hill Barracudas


Every family that is competing in the meet is expected to volunteer at meets, whether we are home or away.  Parents do not need to have experience to volunteer, just a willingness to help out as part of the team. If you are not able to volunteer, we offer an option to pay a fee that helps cover the cost of hiring a replacement. You will be given the option to opt-out and to pay the opt-out fee during registration. If you are unable to fill your volunteer position during the season, you are responsible for finding a replacement for your position. If you feel you cannot meet your volunteer obligation due to extenuating circumstances, please alert the team's volunteer coordinator to make other arrangements.

Volunteering Group
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